PNT - Power, Networks & Telecoms represents distributes and supports products to telecommunications companies that provide integrated telecommunications solutions. PNT is the official distributor of 2N Telecommunications and Zycoo in Greece and distributes the following product categories:

  • GSM Gateways
  • UMTS Gateways
  • Wireless Routers
  • M2M products
  • VoIP PBXs
  • VoIP Phones
Other products that PNT distributes are:
  • PBXs and PBX phone systems by AASTRA DETEWE and Teldat Elmeg
  • Structured cabling products, such as Racks, Patch panels, data cables
  • Antennas GSM, UMTS, LTE and RF low loss cables
PNT supports its' resellers and provides free services to them, in matters relating to the above products . Also, PNT offers the following charged services:
  • PSTN and ISDN Phone Checking
  • Detection-repair intranet Voice - data
  • Terminate cabling
  • Certification of structured cabling (cat 5, 5e and Cat 6) with FLUKE DTX-1800
  • Installation - PBX programming (AASTRA DETEWE, elmeg, SIEMENS, ALCATEL, Astrerisk and AVAYA IPO 500)



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